Jack Petchey Achievement Awards

Arc and RAISED VOICES love participating in the JPF Award Scheme.

Participants get to nominate and vote for a new award winner 3 times a year and the winner gets to choose how the money is spent!

March 2014Ajijia Oweh
July 2014Spendilove Andrew
November 2014Esther Aderinto
March 2015Nancy Edgeler-Ash
May 2015Brenda Plinta
September 2015Sophie Nugent
February 2016Shelize Boochoon
July 2016Ellie Crosby
September 2016Meliz Gozenler
March 2017Hannah Shaw
June 2017Chanel Vigille
November 2017Stacey Levitt
March 2018Stephanie Greenslade
June 2018Annis Maynard
October 2018Folakemi Omisore
March 2019Leah-Adele Moore
May 2019Lexi West
October 2019Funmi Ugwu
March 2020Tahlia Omotayo
May 2020Eloise Miller
October 2020Inayah Martin
March 2021Sarah Lethbridge