On 11 April 2019 participants from RAISED VOICES were invited to the launch of the Barking and Dagenham FUTURE YouthZone. As well as experiencing activities and sessions at the centre, we also met HRH Prince Harry at the climbing wall!

On Thursday 4 April 2019 RAISED VOICES was invited by the Mayor, Sanchia Alasia to perform their ‘WORKING FOR EQUALITY’ piece on the main stage at The Broadway, Barking.

On Thursday 24 July 2018 RAISED VOICES visited PUNCHDRUNK for an interactive theatre workshop

In 2017 Arc was nominated for an NWG award for raising awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation

11 March 2015 – As part of Women’s Empowerment Month celebrations, Barking and Dagenham hosted an event for the Assistant Commissioner Helen King. The purpose of the event was to focus on her role as Assistant Commissioner for the MET Police and tell the story of how she became the Assistant Commissioner.RAISED VOICES participants were invited to attend.

March 2015 – RAISED VOICES features in BBC3’s FGM Documentary ‘Stop Cutting Our Girls’ on Wednesday 11 March at 10pm on BBC3. The girls were filmed delivering the RAISED VOICES session at Eastbury School in Barking at the end of the January 2015 and we are extremely proud of all of their achievements.
You can see highlights of the TV programme here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b054v3mt/clips

With Sandie Shaw collecting the RAISED VOICES certificate for Community Group of the Year at B&Ds Women’s Empowerment Awards 2015

Collecting our award for RAISED VOICES contribution to Public Health and Wellbeing from Jane Ellison MP on Tuesday 3 March 2015 at The House of Commons.