Domestic Violence

We have chosen to tell the story of a 14 year old girl.  At the start of the story she has just started going out with a boy and is feeling very HAPPY.

A few weeks pass and she starts to feel UNSURE about the relationship – he starts to make her feel small, he uses put downs and makes fun of what she does and says.

Then 3 months into the relationship she feels MISERABLE, she has stopped seeing a lot of her friends as he didn’t like them.  He gets angry very quickly and has lashed out at her on a number of occasions.

It’s now 6 months into the relationship and she is FEARFUL.  His attacks have become more frequent and she is getting physically and emotionally hurt each time.

Now she is BEATEN, but she thinks it is her fault.  She thinks she makes him angry when she doesn’t do what he wants, wears what wants or says what he wants.  We have made the bruises very visual in our photos, but we are aware that often, there are bruises and scar that no one can see.

THIS IS ABUSE – this is not a healthy relationship.  No one should ever make you feel this way.

Barking and Dagenham continues to have the highest Domestic Violence reported incident rate in London.